([identity profile] wrote on December 28th, 2014 at 07:51 pm
GAHHHH!! Welcome back (from the dead? lol)!!
Omgosh this 6002 words long of fic really worth the ages of hiatus!!

So,till the very end,yoochun didn't grow his balls huh.
Until junsu started it first. Oh man.
And so damn long, they could have a team of yoosu babies ok.. Haih!
Imagine,it must be tough on junsu side to endure his one-sided infatuation feeling.. /Pats suie /

Anyway, did js purposely got drunk to keep yoochun there with him to confront and fix this problem?
We must thank jj or else we wouldn't know when this two souls would be together.

So,with this fic.. will continue writing yoosu again???
Please please pretty please!!
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